Accessorizing your home is easily as essential as accessorizing your outfit; it ties all the pieces together to achieve a beautifully seamless and put-together end result. When most of us contemplate adding final touches to our homes, our minds instantly flash through every “decorate your home” idea we’ve ever pinned but never did a thing about. We start to question whether the ends justify the means – is the time and effort we put in, or the money we spend on hiring help, worth the end result? The answer is a resounding YES. Accessorizing adds soul. Just like finding the perfect statement necklace for your solid colored sun dress makes it pop, the same holds true for your home. Louboutin’s wouldn’t be Louboutin’s if not for their classic red bottom, just like your home isn’t complete without a classic touch of your own. When executed properly, the once considered minor details show off major personality and character; they make your home uniquely yours.

Our designers here at TruDesign suggest we “think of the room as a black dress. Depending on the accessories, the room can be dressed-up or dressed-down, just like a little black dress.” Simple enough, right? Well, we know that actually accessorizing your home when you haven’t built a career based on your eye for design can seem slightly daunting, but that’s why we have interior designers. If we’re being honest with ourselves, the majority of us would like to think that simply placing furniture in a room renders it complete, but think about what that would really look like.

What truly rounds out a room is the accessories – the table lamps, area rugs, wall coverings, pillows, picture frames, books, treasured family items, artwork, coasters, window coverings – everything except your major furnishings. At TruDesign, we’re firm believers that when done properly, accessorizing has the power to give your space a major facelift. But seriously, who wouldn’t adore coming to work here every day?

From bleak to chic, the little touches work to make a big statement. Accessorizing added dimension to the space by layering textures, colors, and shapes onto the major furnishings. Adding final touches can have a profound effect on the overall look of your home. It creates a simple, tasteful, and elegant vibe without the feeling of being cluttered or over the top.

Next time you wonder if accessories are that important, ask yourself if you would bring a cake to the party with no icing. Then, give TruDesign a call, we’ll know what to do.