When we meet with a new client regarding a remodel, one of our first questions is whether or not they would like to keep their existing cabinetry. We understand the appeal this might have at first glance, but if you’re spending the time, energy, and resources going through a major renovation, our advice will always be to do it right. Everyone’s needs vary–you might be an amateur chef, a master baker, or someone who cooks for a family of five most nights a week; your lifestyle determines what specific functions your cabinetry should have. When your kitchen (or bath, or even laundry room) is custom fit to the way you live, it becomes much easier to stay organized. At TruDesign, we carry a fully custom cabinet line; meaning we have the power to literally tailor every inch to your exact needs and lifestyle, from shelving height, to pull out spice racks, and hidden knife blocks. This translates to you making more use of your space, rather than having awkwardly placed shelves and full cabinets that feel underutilized because you simply don’t know what to put in them. Beyond the functional aspects, when ordering custom cabinetry there’s a much wider array of options when it comes to the aesthetic–from the shape of the box, the radius of the corners, wood grain, and the stain or paint color. Whether it’s monochromatic or pops of color, your cabinets often set the stage for the rest of the room. When completing a remodel, TruDesign’s top recommendation is to always invest in the details and do it right.