The leaves are changing, the boots have been dug out of the closet, and you can’t go into any coffee shop without being overwhelmed by Pumpkin everything- Fall is here (or Winter in Colorado, should we say). With temperatures having gone from mid-80’s to mid-40’s overnight, nothing sounds better than cozying up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. If your Pinterest feed looks anything like ours, it’s also a time of year where images of “the cozy corner” run rampant as we stare longingly- dreaming of a space of our own that’s dedicated to lounging in our PJ’s while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. While we tell ourselves every year that one Fall we’ll work up the determination to attempt our own version of the cozy corner, that notion is usually in vain.

For one, attempting a cozy corner of your own for the first time can be intimidating. It’s not just about comfort, it’s pulling together a cohesive look that is both inviting and visually appealing. The colors you choose are not only an imperative design decision, but also affect how serene your space feels once you’ve melted into it on a brisk day. This year, we’ve decided to put down our Pinterest feed and give ourselves the space we deserve to enjoy some much-needed alone time before the impending Holiday madness ensues.

In our quest to craft the perfect cozy corner, we’ve created a list of essential items to consider when you decide to take on your own:

  1. Picking the Right Room

The “right” room will vary based on you and your family’s needs. Are you looking for your own private sanctuary, or, even though it’s alone time, do you still need to be able to see what the little hands and paws running around your home are doing? Whatever you choose, corners with a window are always a good option for time spent gazing and daydreaming. It’s important to look out for where your vents lie, or your fireplace. You want to keep your corner cozy, but you also want the ability to wrap yourself in a blanket without having to shed layers of clothing- so try not to place your chair immediately next to a vent or fireplace.

 2.  The Chair

The right chair will make your corner one you never want to leave.  A larger, firmer chair should always be used. A chaise is ideal for maximum comfort, but given the limited space, a tub chair also works. Tub chairs don’t have arm rests, so they’re easy to adjust and sit how you please without having an arm jabbing your back. Because of their shape, they’re also easy to curl up into. Of course, if you’re lucky enough to have a built-in window-seat, that should be your go to.

3. The Colors:

Color helps set the mood. When choosing your palette, focus on calming tones that complement the existing color scheme in your home. You want your corner to match the rest of the home while also exuding comfort. Think soft whites, grays, violet, and deeper blues.

4. The Accessories:

A cozy corner is not a cozy corner without a throw blanket, pillows, a small stand or table, and warm-toned lighting. A room is never complete without accessories, and your private getaway is no exception. A plush throw is necessary for those cold winter days, a side table is essential for having enough space to keep beverages and snacks at arm’s reach, or anything else you might not want to have to get up and grab from across the room. The right lighting will help set the tone for your corner, while natural lighting is great if you can set up next to a window, soft lighting from a table lamp is ideal for late nights and gray winter days.

5. Your Own Personal Touch:

It wouldn’t be home if it wasn’t yours. It’s important to put a little bit of “you” into any space you want to truly feel like yours.

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