It’s that time of the year–the leaves are changing, the temperature is beginning to decline, and the interstate signs are sending us daily reminders to winterize our car. Yup, colder days are ahead. Typically, we think of taking trips to the Rockies for weekends full of skiing, festivals, and holiday celebrations; however, as we all know, 2020 looks a little different.

The first time we were hit with heavy social distancing, we were able to use the great outdoors as a break from the “work, teach, spend every minute at home” life. The adjustment wasn’t easy, but we were lucky to have endless outdoor spaces to escape to. With fall and winter on the horizon, and more time spent indoors than ever this year, we can and should look to good design to help us keep our sanity. Whether it’s new furniture or a new layout with existing furniture, switching it up to maximize comfort and happiness should be a top priority for anyone that’s practicing strict social distancing. Now more than ever, your home is your sanctuary.

Fortunately, the blast of cold weather served as a timelier reminder than usual to get on top of design changes. Due to Covid, we’re experiencing longer lead times on most products and material; meaning, if you’re looking at purchasing new furniture, the process should start as soon as possible.

If you need more time or are looking to make a smaller change with a big impact, consider refreshing or elevating your accessories. The art of accessorizing is a well thought out process where the room is not cluttered with “stuff”, but is decorated for interest, texture, balance, and function. It’s the best alternative to purchasing new furniture, especially when you’re looking to make a seasonal change. The details, like art, baskets, throw blankets and pillows, photo frames, etc. make all the difference, especially when you’re spending most of your days at home.

Whatever you do, make sure it promotes well-being. Design can literally change the way you live, and since we’ve all been changing the way we live lately, it’s only appropriate to make sure our home follo

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