Oh, the laundry room– a space we often associate with the dreaded task of folding clothes. From a design perspective, there unfortunately isn’t much we can do to alleviate the annoyance of mundane chores; however, there is a mental shift that happens when you find your laundry area is well-designed and organized. While the act of doing laundry still isn’t the best part of your day, it certainly isn’t the worst when your space functions well for you.

When we design laundry rooms, we start with the primary functions it needs to serve. Is it simply a place to wash clothes, or is it also a mudroom? Is there a dog bathing station? A need for extra storage?

Living large in small spaces, i.e. Denver condos, doesn’t typically equate to an ideal laundry set-up. Of course, we always look for more aesthetically fun and pleasing ways to separate the laundry closet from the rest of the space; incorporating a custom barn door is a solution we’re fond of. Making the most of the available space instantly becomes the top priority in a condo—when our client has a laundry closet rather than room, utilizing a stackable washer and dryer is the number one space saver.

Even if the room can accommodate a side-by-side washer and dryer, we take into consideration whether or not it would be better served with counter space for folding, or a wall-mounted drying rack. As seen here, although there was enough space for a side-by-side set up, it was also important for this to function as a mudroom and storage area. Custom cabinetry brought in a bright pop of color as well as storage solutions tailored to this client’s needs. Having a dedicated place to hang her purse and slip off her shoes at the end of the work day made all the difference.

Each area of your home should evoke feelings of calmness and clarity; a cluttered, poorly-designed laundry room makes the task all the more daunting. Focusing on lighting, color, and function can make doing laundry,

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