Wake up, go to work, come home, repeat. The routine varies, adding things like pick up the kids from school, or go to the gym, or walk the dog- but for the most part, we all follow the same standard routine in life. You’ll often hear that you should find a job you love, because that’s where you spend most of your day, and if you don’t love what you do chances are you won’t feel fulfilled. The same is true for where you spend the other half of your time: home.

Picture yourself coming home to somewhere that feels like home . Not just because it’s where your family, roommates, or pets are. It feels custom, it feels intentional, it feels like yours.

We’re so quick to dismiss the idea of redesigning or updating our home because we don’t perceive it as a necessity, even though we would love to have a home that feels like ours. We push our needs to the back because we have kids to take care of, or we’re too busy with work, we can’t justify spending the money even though we realistically could, etc. Ask yourself, “if not now, when?” When is the right time to put yourself and your wants first? You’ve undoubtedly created a Houzz or Pinterest board chalked full of home décor ideas that you would love to see come to fruition, so why not now? In 2019- we’re all about self-care and remembering to put yourself first, and if buying new accessories to help reinvent your space is what you want, then you should do it.

Think about what you could realistically change about your home without putting a dent you’re uncomfortable with into your savings. Maybe it’s new accessories, furniture, or a full renovation of your master bathroom. Whatever it is, make a plan- but don’t do it alone. Find a designer that works for you and let that designer do their job. Renovating/redecorating doesn’t have to be stressful. Put your complete confidence and trust in the designer of your choice to take care of you and do it right the first time around.

If you’re the kind of person who can talk themselves out of anything, making a plan isn’t the hard part, going through with that plan is. Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of second guessing yourself every step of the way before you’ve effectively talked yourself into not doing anything at all. Trust that you deserve to come home to somewhere beautiful.

In an article, written by Julie Beck for The Atlantic, ‘The Psychology of Home: Why Where You Live Means So Much’, she looks to South Asian culture to give us the why. Why it matters to truly love your home. Quoting a book by William Sax, “People and the places where they reside are engaged in a continuing set of exchanges; they have determinate, mutual effects upon each other because they are part of a single, interactive system.”. Your home is such a significant part of who you are that you should make it a priority.

So, think about the project you’ve been planning in your head for the last couple of years, and make 2019 the year you put yourself first. We promise, you will never regret making your house a home.

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