Sourcing unique and beautiful products for our clients is one of our favorite parts of the job. We scour through samples of exquisite patterns, colors, and textures to find the “just right” fit for you. This month, we’d like to highlight a product we adore – the Schumacher natural feathered wall-covering.

There are a million reasons to love this product- aside from “well, just look at it”, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to our top three:

1. It’s unusual and unexpected

What looks like an all-over pattern is actually individual, hand-applied feathers. This wall-covering commands a presence with its intricacies- the layered feathers create a visible texture that you don’t often find with wall-coverings.

2. It’s naturally beautiful

Because the feathers are not synthetic, manufactured pieces, each one is different. The various hues blend together for a dramatic impact that leaves a lasting impression.

3. A little goes a long way

One panel of this wall-covering can be framed as artwork or it can be used as an accent wall in a powder bath. You don’t need much to get the “wow” factor. It’s not often that you find a wall-covering that doubles as a striking work of art, so this product is at the top of our favorite picks this year.

If you adore this product as much as we do, give us a call! We’d love to see how we can use it in your home.

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