With the late winter we’ve experienced in Colorado, it’s safe to say that most of us are counting down the days to warmer weather. With beautiful, warm, sunny days just around the corner, it’s time for us to start thinking about our outdoor living spaces. With mild to hot temperatures starting in April and running through October, many of us utilize our decks or patios for much of the year. In true designer fashion we believe any space, whether indoor or outdoor, should be functional, reflect who you are, and (of course) be stylish.

With the never-ending evolution of style comes new trends; gone are the days of the matched set of wrought iron furniture with the same overly firm blue cushions. In 2018, we’re all about customized furnishings. We’re able to mix wood, synthetic rattan, iron and glass while keeping the space neat and simple. The ability to mix and match as well as customize your own furniture means there are more seating and entertaining options readily available. Yes – you can have the wooden bench your kids desire around the fire pit and also have an elegant iron table for entertaining guests.

For the endless furniture options, there’s just as many in the fabric department. The outdoor fabric selection has seen major technological advances that allow for a variety of different textures, patterns and colors. Yes, even outdoor velvet will hold up to the Colorado sunshine. We’re mixing patterns, adding accent pillows, throw blankets, umbrellas and draping sheers to create charming outdoor living spaces.

Last, but not least important by any means, is light control. Creating shade to escape the heat of the day can make or break your outdoor space. Structural elements like pergolas and free-standing gazebos offer shade and a place to run additional lighting for illumination after dark. These structures help define spaces and create distinct zones for lounging, eating, playing, and entertaining.

By getting started now, your custom furnishings will be in and ready for you to enjoy a personal resort in your own backyard this summer.

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