At TruDesign we admire the boldness and confidence required to execute classic gothic design. Lead Designer Tangerine shares her thoughts…

Understated and classic design.
Among our favorite aspects of gothic design is the classic black décor; understated and classic yet speaks volumes. This moody dark color palette coupled with dramatic draperies allows for the perfect balance of natural light and privacy. From the stately sized furniture selections that carry lots of visual interest, to the ornate features such as the detailed crown molding and architectural detail – this design exudes power and class. The touch of curved renaissance detail in the furniture, patterned wood floors, and rococo grand lighting are the perfect recipe for a classic gothic design rendition.  
Open concept meets gothic design.
This bespoke grand living room design allows for an emphasis on vertical elements and natural light which is enriched by a combination of both heavy texture and warm colors. The ornate lighting, decadent rich leathers, and arched lighting details work in conjunction with the visual weight of the large furniture selections to create an intimate experience in an open concept layout. 
It’s all about the dramatic details.
Gothic design delivers on all aspects of dramatic detail. The elongated floor to ceiling windows allows for unparalleled natural light – this ensures the room is not left feeling too dark and works to balance the black ornate detailing we see in the vanity legs, tub details, and trim work. Having natural light gives us the ability to recognize and admire the gothic design aspects of this space, such as the ceiling details which create a unique regal aesthetic.
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