A look into a basement that has grown with this family. From a space once dedicated to Legos, puzzles, and secret hideaways under the stairs to a hangout space fit for both Friday nights with friends and slow Sunday mornings.

Salty or Sweet?
Incorporating a snack bar reinforced that this space was meant for hosting friends – whether that be for movie nights or after school hangouts.

The outdoors were a major consideration when designing this basement; from geometric shapes that can be found in the details of nature to the natural wood accents and warm colors. With the cozy and connected vibe these design details allow – this space becomes perfect for not only hosting friends, but for spending time as a family

Sit Back & Relax
The hanging chairs are a design focal point that invite a playful element to the room. Ideal for both cozying up with your favorite book and for lounging with friends after school. Coupled with the hanging room dividers, this nook replicates the same calming sense of enclosure the kids’ once found underneath the stairs.
Designing for every member of the family is one small, but very important, piece of our process. Ensuring that this family had a dedicated space to come together and connect, while also allowing the privacy that many teenagers desire, resulted in a remodel that we’re proud to share with all of you.